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My name is Barrie David Corcoran. I'm currently retired and live in the beautiful  Vale of Glamorgan with my wife Elly, plus our Lab and our two cats.

Many years ago, when the actor Kirk Douglas commented in a television interview how people can gain immense benefit by writing about their personal experiences, the more I considered the diversity of my life, where I progressed from a total absence of confidence and self identity to such James Bond activities as parachuting into the sea, (and on another occasion being chased out of it by a shark), I put pen to paper.

Based on events as they happened from the mid 1950's to the mid 1970's * with settings in four countries,  I gave my book a suitable title,  'Dormant Courage'.

I have since endeavored to encourage others how few things can bring more real perspective than the joy, and inevitably the tears, of putting your thoughts and emotions onto paper.   
(* Please see -  'About the Author')  
I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to my site.

Good luck and very best wishes,

Barrie David.

Author -  'Dormant Courage' - 'The Broken Bond'

Pending publication... A chilling horror story set in modern Arizona entitled... 'Luke Blake's Screenplay'
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Author - Barrie David

Former L/Cpl Medic.

44 Para Brigade

The Parachute Regiment Volunteer Reserve Forces

1970 - 1976




‘... your fear is no match for your human spirit…’