Dormant Courage



By Captain Derek Knee

Quite apart from being an intensely engrossing true story of a young man striving to overcome the fear he encounters as a teenager, this book gives a fascinating insight into the extraordinary courage of men who opt to become reservist paratroopers. With a highly detailed account of their selection, training and subsequent travels to various parts of the world as they continue their everyday civilian lives, they are, without doubt, unsung heroes.

Captain Knee is a published Author and has the distinction of being Interpreter to Field Marshal Montgomery during negotiations with the German High Command which ended World War 11, Luneburg Heath, 1945.

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- Synopsis - 

Growing up in South Wales in the mid 1950's, ten year old Bill Mallory evolves into a teenager of monumental sensitivity whose ordeal of mind boggling violence, followed by the traumatic bereavement of the father he idolizes, hound him into an adulthood of underlying timidity in all things.

Many years later, intensely hard working and married with a young family, when events plunge him to the depths of despair, Bill grudgingly confides his long term cowardice to his boyhood Sunday school teacher, Mr Graham, a softly spoken, battle hardened veteran of Arnhem who convinces him how to hone an iron sense of determination. Enduring an agonizing regime of fitness training in all weathers, Bill slowly unearths his true courage leading to many chilling experiences which for him, would have seemed impossible.

Progressing to thirty one years of age amid a storytelling narrative that is emotive, hilarious and occasionally terrifying, Bill delivers a nostalgic hint of Britain in the 1950's 60's and 70's with further locations in the United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Guernsey and Germany, where he draws to a brutally thought provoking close in what remains of Belsen Concentration Camp.


‘Dormant Courage' is based on many actual events and seeks to inspire those who are abused at the starting gate of life and are consigned to a world of private fear, long before they learn to confront it and overcome it...

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