Besides being a highly inspirational story, 'Dormant Courage' is full of incredible adventure which make this book quite enjoyable. Barrie David has done a good job as a writer. If you have ever had any fears about relating to people and confrontations, this story can't help but be a wonderful example.. to us all.


'Dormant Courage' is Barrie's first published book and is based on actual events in his life. I wish him much success. Good show. - Kay Trout Book Reviews. Colorado. USA.


"This book should be handed to every fifteen year old boy in the Country!" - Former RSM. British Army.


"This book displays the talent of a natural storyteller and should be followed up!" - Professional proof reader. RAF retired.


"I read it once - then twice - then three times. Brilliant! I wouldn't think of lending it out!" - Feedback from reader presented with a copy of DC after finding and returning author's lost wallet.

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